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Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell is located on Anderson County’s western border. Anderson is the largest nearby city. Here is a map of the Anderson area.
Hartwell Dam was created by the US Army Corps of Engineers under the Flood Control Act of 1950. Its purposes were to provide flood control and generate electricity for the area. Today Lake Hartwell is also a popular recreation spot. The number of visitors has steadily increased over the years, making Lake Hartwell the third most popular Corps projects in the nation.

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Lake Keowee

Constructed by Duke Power Company to generate hydroelectric power, Lake Keowee covers Keowee Town, site of the capital of the Lower Cherokee Nation. Keowee, meaning “Place of the Mulberries,” was visited by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto when he came through the area in 1540.
Today, 18,500 acres of water and a 300-mile shoreline make Lake Keowee a popular place for boating, fishing, water-skiing, swimming, camping, and picnicking. The lake is located predominately in Oconee County, but it also extends into Pickens County.

Seneca is the largest city in Oconee County and Clemson is the largest city in Pickens County. Here are maps of the Seneca area and of the Clemson area.

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The Upstate/Upcountry

The Upstate (also known as The Upcountry) is the region of western South Carolina that includes the 10 counties of the bustling I-85 corridor. The Upstate is the fastest-growing region in South Carolina.